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Monday Night 23/1/17 at I.D.P.S

Dear Steve,

Many,many thanks for visiting us on Monday to show us your lovely images and to talk about them.Your enthusiasm for what you enjoy doing was evident.

As you could see from the reaction you received that it was really enjoyed by our members and I know will be talked about for some time to come.The idea to show the camera/lens setting and locations on screen was, to me, a brilliant one and really very helpful to us.

I’m also sure that we will take you up on your offer to join us at one of our forthcoming natural history ‘Day’s Out’. In the meantime, if anything, your talk inspired us to get out there and push ourselves into taking a wider variety of wildlife shots.

Thanks again Steve and Good Hunting

IDPS Programme Secretary
David Kelly


Thanks for a wonderful talk on Wildlife this Thursday - I am sure I speak for all present in saying it was a really fun enjoyable evening and hope we can arrange another one sometime. I am sure Suffolk Wildlife Trust will put your donation to good use. Thank you so much.
Angela Lord

The talk you gave Clacton Camera Club

Hello Steve, I enjoyed your talk that you gave at Clacton Camera Club the other week. Can I ask you to give me a little more information about `Gifach Farm` that you mentioned during the talk. I am going to Gigrin in the middle of March for a couple of days with a friend and was wondering what the set up at Gilfach is. I believe you said it was quite near Gigrin. Any info would be most welcome.
Regards Roger Hance . P.S. great web site
Roger Hance

An evening of Wildlife

Hi Steve, just wanted to say thankyou for a great evening of wildflife at Clacton Camera Club on 30th Jan. Your shots were all fantastic and also your commentary was very informative and entertaining (especially as you said it was your first ever presentation ). You obviously have a great passion for what you do so thankyou so much for sharing it with us.
We look forward, hopefully, to seeing you again.
With regards Hilary and Colin Knight
Hilary and Colin Knight

Clacton camera club last friday

Thanks for en excellent evening, beautiful images and helpful commentary, best evening for a long time!!!
John Merison

Clacton Camera Club

Great presentation last night Steve thoughly enjoyed it, found the capture information very helpful and the knowledge of your subjects amazing, look forward to seeing you again.

Gary Howie

Your Photo's

Hi Steve,y Fantastic.... your a better photographer than and BT engineer lolol.. Bet you enjoy it more as well. Take care John E...
John Morton

Your pics

Hi Steve, just wanted to say how much I love looking at your photos - I find them really inspiring in terms of my own aspirations with photography.

I also love photographing wildlife, its an amateur passion mainly at weekends and of birds. I see that you have Nikon equipment, and I wondered what lenses you use? I see from the image that you have a gimbal head and tripod - both things that I have considered buying but I'm really interested in knowing which lenses you use? I also have a nikon camera but use a sigma lens - which is ok, but I need to improve it when I can afford it!

I know they're expensive, but I really want to improve my own photography which is currently ok, but when I see your images, I can see how far I have to go to improve them!

Many thanks,

Simon Hall


Excellent images, Steve.
Simon Kidner


Hi Steve,
Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, that's the trouble with taking over 10,000 photo's on holiday and having to work the day you get home!! Loved the photo's of your Dolphin's, sadly we didn't see them the day we went but really enjoyed the Black Isle. It certainly looks like you had a good holiday.
You've also taken some lovely macro shot's I love the dragonflies, much better than mine. Considering we have the same lens I'll just have to assume it's down to photographer!!
Keep up the good work and hope to bump into you again soon. That's if you'll still speak now your a celebrity!! Love the articles.
Debra Pickering


Steve, having been enthralled by Springwatch at Minsmere,which I watched because it was local to where I grew up, not because Im a twitcher, Im delighted that your efforts have been rewarded with a two page spread in todays EADT,brilliant photography and journalism I hope you get lots of positive feedback Neil Kersey, Woodbridge
neil kersey


Hi Steve,

I just had a look through your latest images, found a great many superb images.

I was wondering would you mind divulging where you got your Goosander images please?


Chris Lloyd

Photography Equipment

Having recently discovered the stunning images on your website, would you mind my asking what Nikon equipment you are using? I am interested in photographing wildlife, mainly birds, and I am currently using a D300 with a 500 AFS F4 & 1.4 converter. I need to upgrade the body. Would you recommend a D800 or a D7100? Not the D4, too expensive!


Dave Came

Mistley walls

Hi Steve

Have been loving the photos on your site since we chatted at Mistley walls recently, you have some 'to die for images'

I will send a map of where the common blue colony is at the top of the hill closer to the time and will drop you an email if the green hairstreak turn up there too again this spring , it really is a mini hot spot.

happy shooting



Red Kites @ Gigrin

Hi, I have seen your images of the Red Kites at Gigrin! they are fantastic.

I am a sports photographer, never taken Kites in flight, I have a canon 1D Mk 4 camera. I have 300mm f2.8, also a 70-200 f2.8 and a 135 f2 also other smaller lens. Could you please advise me as to the setting you would recommend to get great images.

Many thanks

Linda Gore

Flash gear

Hi Steve,
It was great to meet you yesterday at East Lane although I failed to find the Winchat at Shingle Street. Oh well, that's the way it goes. I noticed you had a very interesting looking flash system on your camera yesterday. Is that something you can buy or is it something you've devised yourself. I bet it does a great job with macro photography.

Best regards........... Kath
Kath Langbridge

Hidden Talents

Fabulous photos Steve!
Maggie Chandler

just stopping by

Hi Steve

Having seen your photos on Flickr, thought I'd check out your web site. Wow, what a wonderful selection you've got. Love the Otters from Thetford, stunning captures.

I'm hoping to head back to Norfolk over the next few months so perhaps bump into you again.

Di Stone

Lenses - shutter - ISO Gigrin Farm

Dear Steve,

excuse me, my english is not so well, I'm a German.

Today I was the first time on your amazing www. Wonderfull pictures. Congratulation.

My wife and myself we will go to the Nash Point Lighthouse, Wales at 08.May till 21.May.
Our hobby is the photography. Im the Owner from a new Nikon D 4 with
lenses, 24-70, 70-200, 105mikro and extender 2,

Please my questions :

1. Which are the best lenses (mm) for photos, Red Kite by a visit to the Gigrin Farm, and birds in the area to nash point ?

2. Which D 4 justification, ISO - shutter - aperture and AF is the best solution for amazing photos from birds and Red Kites ?

Thank you so much for your friendly answer.

We're are very excitedly to our holydays in the Lighthouse Nash Point.

I wish you Happy Easter

King Regards

Friedhelm Pracht, Germany

Otter Images Thetford and Brandon Times

Hi Steve, Just seen your images in the above local newspaper. Great set, Being a Dslr newbie and experimenting with the settings on my camera its good to have such subjects to "practice with", they are are so sharp. I will be checking out your website for more inspiration in the future. Pat Goddard.
Patrick Goddard

Wow your web site

That is some wizzy site mate.

Brian Holland - good friend of H.O.

Gigrin Farm

Hi Steve

Saw and enjoyed your photos on Flickr of the birds at Gigrin Farm.

It's quite local to me, and I fancy going to along to take some shots myself. Could you let me know what length of lens you used? I'd hate to turn up with a 200mm or 300mm to find that the hides are so far away a 500mm is essential.

Many thanks, Iain
Iain Woolley


Hi Steve,

Which macro lens do you use - I love the dragons/damsels on your site!

Hi I use a Nikon 105vr macro lens
Stu Elsom

Meeting You

Hi .
It was nice to meet you today ,thanks for info on Godwit at Mistley.
Kind regards Mike G
Mike Glasson


Love your web site!! Especially the handsome picture of you in your profile :)
Sonia Small

Gigrin Farm

Hi Steve,just seen your images of the Red Kites at Gigrin Farm, can i just say that they are stunning.
I am a amateur wildlife photographer and i am going to Gigrin on tuesday 10th April.
Can i be a bit cheeky and ask you what settings you used to get the Kites, most of my BIF shots are not up to a decent standard and i would like to get better images than i am getting, at the moment i dont get the time to practise BIF as much as i would like due to work commitments.
I am using Nikon D7000 + D90. i use Nikon 70-300vr and Nikon 300 f2.8 with the Nikon TC 20E 111 2x converter.
Did you use your 600m and did you use a tripod?.
Hope i am not troubling you to much.
Many thanks, phil
phil kimpton

Guestbook entry

Great website Steve and awesome photo's as always.

Ian Sexton


Hi Steve came here via birdforum and just wanted to say what a great site you have with some really lovely work on here. Nice one keep it up.
Keith Gypps aka Falconer2406
Keith Gypps

fantastic website

hi Steve just to say thanks for becoming a member of my site, your site and images are fantastic its always good to discuss things with digiscoping and conventional photography look forward to meeting up again very soon regards
barry woodhouse
barry woodhouse

Gigrin Farm

I've just been looking at your superb images of the red kites. We plan to go to Gigrin in the next few weeks. Would you be prepared to tell me how you went about it? Focal lengths used, metering, shutter speeds etc.?

I am assuming it is best to use one of the photo hides and I am planning on using Gitzo, Wimberley, 7D & 500mm. I also have a 1.4 Ex.

Hope you don't mind me contacting you.

Brian Dunning

D300 settings

Hi Steve my question is one that you must have been asked many times ,what sort of settings do you use to capture these stunning pictures, this is my first foray into "Digital"l know that there are many different situations that will call upon settings to suit the situation you are in.My camera is a D300 and l am very pleased with the results so far,but pictures like yours on the webpage are inspirational,great stuff Steve.
Gerry Millard


Hi Steve,nice to have met you with Jamie`s crew in Anaxos,checked out your website today and found you have some quality images.Keep up the good work mate !!!.
regards Ray.
Ray Purser


Hello Steve,
Was nice to meet you the other day, after looking at all your beautiful work on Flickr it is nice to put a face to the photographer. Your work is very impressive and a standard I hope I can reach one day.

Thank you for the offer of locations and information, it is much appreciated, and I shall take you up on it :-)

Kind regards

Sarah Lefley


Hi Steve, you have a great site with some stunning images. Keep up the good work form Ben
Ben The Plumber


Hi Steve

Superb photos!

I'm just starting with my first DSLR (used to have a Pentax ME Super many lifetimes ago!),

I wondered what camera and lenses you use to get such great photos? Also, do you use a Wimberley Head or a Manfrotto 393 or something like that?

I have just bought a Canon 60D and have a Canon 400mm f5.6 and a Canon 100-400mm zoom. Later this year, if funds allow, I'm thinking of taking the plunge with a bigger lens - maybe the Sigma 300-800mm zoom or the Canon 600mm f4. Any advice on what is best?

I appreciate that good equipment is only part of the story and I am working on my technique and getting some experience in the meantime!

Any advice welcome.

Many thanks,
Nick Leech
Nick Leech

Gigrin Farm

Dear Steve.

Saw your beautiful red kites shots in Gigrin Farm at the Gateway Hide. Could you please tell me which lens did you use? I'm planning to go to Gigrin farm but now sure what lens to bring with me.

Kind regards,

your photos

Hi Steve outstanding work. The birds in flight pics are superb love it. I am an amateur bird and wildlife photographer from Bangalore India.


Looking great Steve
Dean Eades

You Wren print

Hello Steve, I have your wren print here in the UK. Anyway, all I have to do is pack it up, and send it if you want it.
You can see the image on my website It's one of my all time favourite paintings.

All your photos are incredible by the way!

Lynne Windsor

birding generally

Hi Steve
Mouth watering photographs. where did you shoot them ?.


Micheal, Most are shot in East Anglia thanks
michael battersby

Your Website

Just saw your Long-tailed Ducks at Stutton Mill where I am staying,great site.
Regards Chris Baines
Chris Baines


Firstly I would like to say that your images are amazing!
Secondly I was wondering if you could tell me what camera make and model you use for most of your shots, and with what lenses.
This would be very helpful and once again great pics.
Ben Hughes


Hi SteveJust seen your photo's stunning, Really great. I am very impressed. Looks like your a better photographer than an engineer

AS A YOUTH that is.... LOL..LOL John.
johnny morton

your photos

thank you so much for posting your fantastic's pure pleasure browsing through your photos....


Steve, what equipment did you use to take the photo's of the Red Kites at Gigrin. What lens TC combo do you typically use for bird photograhpy. I just got a D300s and 300mm f/2.8 VRII + 1.4TC. Regards, Phil

Phil I have emailed you but basically a Nikon 300/4 or a Nikon 400/2.8 with or without a TC14e-II mounted on a Nikon D300
Regards Steve
Phil Evans


I have been following Steves's latest images on Flickr ( for the last few months. Steve's images are always high quality and well composed. It is a joy waiting to see what new he posts. Keep up the good work.

Tim Philips
Tim Phillips

300mm f4 lens

Steve, you have some excellent pictures. Did you take all those photos with just the Nikon 300mm f4 AF lens and a TC? I'm thinking of buying this lens and a 1.4 TC.

I'd appreciate your answer. Thanks


Will, some were taken with a 300/4 and a TC14e-II, its an excellent combo especially if your walking all day
William Cifuentes


Great Kite Shots Steve
Dean Eades


Hi Steve
Just wanted to say what superb pictures you have taken. I have just purchased a Nikon 300 F4 and was looking for advice on a tele-converter which is what drew me to your website after seeing a reply you gave on a website. These pictures are a joy, thanks for displaying them.
Paul Grace


Hi Steve I had a look at your web sight and I think you have a wonderful collection of outstanding images keep the good work up and thank you for sharing. Peter w
P Cherry


Hi Steve, is trying to get a million people to sign a petition to stop whaling.

If you could tell as many people as you can about our website, that would be a great help.

Thanks for your support and remember to sign the petition.
Bob Bushell


Super images on your site Steve a pleasure to view
David Newby -

nature photos

Just looked at your site-very nice! Thank you!

jim brohman

your pictures

hi Steve , love your photos. I hit the link to your site from bird forum and have enjoyed your photos. I live in ipswich and have re-started my childhood hobby of birding, and also bought a canon 40d and 100-400 is l . I have enjoyed playing with the camera for a couple of years, but am still a novice. I do most of my walking around our rivers especially Levington and trimley. Just wanted to say love your pics. Regards. Mark.

Comment on your website


I like you website, simple yet interesting and catchy. I have a passion for nature so I have enjoyed viewing your site. Thanks and continue the good work.

Veronica Edgar

Hello there

Hi Steve
Just had another look at your additions to your website. I enjoyed the Kingfisher pictures and all their quirks. The Butterfly pictures are well caught. The shore bird collection you have are interesting. the immature Shelduck, and all other pictures. Great to see any time, and will keep looking out for any additional pictures that arrive.
I will look out for any photo's on the forum galleries too.
Best wishes
Kathy Connor

Lackford Lakes

Hi Steve, good to chat with you this morning at Lackford Lakes.
Great pics on your site, I'm sure there will be some more of the Kingfisher after today's visit to Lackford.
Norfolk Dave

your website

a quick look over lots of beauties !
Congratulations !
Jules Fouarge (Phylloscopus2000)

love it

thanks Steve for this wonderful website, very inspiring. i really had a break on visiting it.

have the best regards of your friend from BF



Hi Steve, just been looking at your website, fantastic photo's, can you tell what equipment you use please.

Ian Sexton

Latest photos

Hi Steve
I have just had another look at your latest photo's and they are fabulous to look at. I love the Juvenile Stonechats. They seen to have a very large eye compared with their head.
Will have another look in on a regular basis
Kathy Connor


Hi Steve, Incredible photography!! I saw your pics on Flickr and was wondering what equipment you use. Canon? Nikon? Lenses? I'm a newbie with a Canon 40D and several lenses, but trying to improve. My Flickr name is Richard J M. Thanks, Richard
Richard Migliore

Nice shots.

Hi Steve,
clicked through from birdguides. You have some great shots. I wondered if you have ever thought about changing the way you watermark/copyright your shots. It distracts the eye a little from your good work!

Hope you don't mind me commenting. Let me know if you would like to exchange links.

Keep clicking, Marcus
Marcus Conway - ebirder

Your website

Hi Steve
What a fabulous website your have going for you. It must have taken a lot of time to get the 'format' exactly right. The photography is outstanding, and I have enjoyed having a good look at all of the work you have created. You take a pride in what you do.

Where do you take your pictures of your seabirds?

Kathy Connor

Minsmere - Sunday gone

Hi Steve - just to confirm I saw your photo on one of your newspaper articles and sure enough it was you I saw at Minsmere - we were in the small BF group. Can't recall where it was exactly. Just you know how it is when you see a face you recognise but not sure from where. It was obviously from your old avatar I think. Wished I had said hello - I quite often say to people do I know you from BF/local RSPB/Durham Bird Club etc. and am used to being wrong but it is not a problem - I get used to it. Anyway, great site & pics by the way.

Steve (Quacker - Bird Forum).
Stephen Quinn


Very nice gallery of pictures Steve.


I like your pictures, I hope to take some as good.
Your hedgehog is "easting" but I think he's really "eating".

Your guestbook

Hi Steve, I saw the site address on flickr so came to have a look. Brilliant site. I so love your photographs and I really appreciate your advice. My garden is alive with different species thanks to you.
Keep up the good work.
Heather Eeles

Guestbook entry

Hi Steve,
I saw your response to one of my photos on Birdforum and thought I'd check out your website.
Congratulations on a great site and with some absolutely superb images. Keep up the good work!
Jeff (
Jeff Harrison



I thank you for your picture's they are brilliant... I only wish that I could take picture's like this.. maybe soon..
amatuer photographer..

I think they are brilliant..


Steve, I have just taken another wander through your site. Your skill and talent is fantastic and your photos beautiful and thought provoking.

Thank you!

Jane Barrett

Your photographs

Hi Steve,

Found your site from birdforum. What fantastic pictures you have here. I can see a couple of potential Christmas presents coming from here!

Steve (steve_nova)
Steve Hopkins

Great Photos..

Hi Steve,

I saw your post of Flickr about your own website.. you've got some fantastic images..

Steve Benton

your web site

Hi Steve..... met you last night at the Flatford 'moth night' ( I was the one in the purple wellies)!!
just having a nose around and found your web site....not had a proper look yet but what I have seen is brilliant...some lovely photos you have.
Keep up the good work.

Jan thanks for the kind words
Jan Cawston


Many thanks for details of your website. You gave me your card at the last RSPB open day on The Walls at Mistley. I really enjoyed browsing the photos.The pictures are just brilliant. Do you supply any to Birds magazine, I wonder?

Best wishes
Geoff Brightman

Just saying hi...

Hi, Steve.
Thanks for your comments re: my site: - it's always nice to hear from a fellow birder.

Anyhow I just wanted to let you know I've had a good old rummage thru' your site and I certainly enjoyed the browse, the pics are a treat.
Also loved the acclaim you got in the newspapers...that's totally ace.

I'm sure we'll talk again soon on Bird Forum, but for now all the best to yourself and your family for the future.

BFN, John Garrett
John Garrett


Hi Steve,
Your photographs are brilliant. Just the hobby I would like to get in to. I love my birdwatching and would like to take it to the next step. I am looking at a Nikon D80 with a 70-300mm nikon VR zoom. Would this be a good starting point or would I need a fixed 300mm lens with converter? Would I lose quality with the zoom? Thanks for your time.
John Foss


Can I ask what equipment you use?
ie camera body & what lens & do you do post production on your shoots ?
like what i see interested in buying a Nikon thats why I ask looking at the d200
cheers keep shooting !!!!!

Steve - All taken on either a D70s or a D200 with lenses from 12mm to 300mm, the bird shots with the 300mm lens I can attach either a 1.4 or 1.7x converter
Post Production is carried out using Photoshop CS2
Thanks for asking


Hello Steve,
nice website have you got here. I like it really much.

Speak soon,

Carsten (from Bird Forum)

cool pictures

excellent site design you have taken some magical pictures .

check out my site


mike mottram

Your Photo's

Hi Steve, your photo's are absolutely brilliant, thank you for letting me look at them, and Carol for telling me about your great web site, keep up the good work, you are a brilliant photographer.
Patricia Stringer


Very nice website, nice range of shots, interesting to browse through


your pics are stunning, I LOVE the one of the dark clouds above the waters edge, and the black and white ones are fab, as is the birds feeding. great stuff.

Professionals Use Nikon

Nikon At the heart of the image, I am Nikon